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In December of 2017 the new cable car on Zugspitze will commence operations

127 metres in height – that’s the world’s highest steel column for aerial tramways. And no, it is not located on Matterhorn, in the Rocky Mountains or the Himalayas but in the Bavarian Oberland. In Grainau, to be exact. After three years of construction works the new Zugspitze Cable Car will commence operations in December of 2017. It is a work of art in cable car technology that is unique in the world and impresses with three records – aside from the highest steel column there is one section across which the biggest difference in altitude is covered: 1,945 metres. And with 3,213 metres the longest unsupported span in the world is covered on Zugspitze.

La Loupe Seilbahn Zugspitze Garmisch Partenkirchen 2
Glass is an integral part of the new cable car’s architectural concept. The valley station, the cable cars and the summit station all have glazed elements that offer the future visitors of Zugspitze uninhibited panoramic views. However, a few hurdles and challenges have yet to be managed before passionate mountaineers will be able to see the new aerial tramway for themselves. Not only do the high altitude of almost 3,000 metres and the extreme weather conditions prove challenging – the logistics need to be extremely well calculated, too, Germany’s highest mountain only offers limited storage space. 
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