In many cases a mixture of culinary styles can be a risky balancing act. But: Everyone who enters Maronis will immediately notice that this mixture works out just fine. The hosts Gert and Cornelia Zinn offer their guests a mixture of Styrian and Asian cuisine. With a Bavarian touch. The couple has long years of culinary experience in Garmisch and feels like trying out new and exciting concepts.

What you should definitely try: Maronis schnitzel in parmesan-crust, fried chicken salad with pump- kin seed oil and the chicken curry. And take a peek at the wine menu, too: with wines from Burgenland, Styria, Wachau and Germany the perfect mixture is rounded off. In case you’re not that hungry Styrian Vulcano ham that has aged for 15 months goes perfectly with a glass of wine. Bottom line: a delicious mix of styles.


Map icon Mohrenplatz 10, 82467 Garmisch-Partenkirchen

Phone icon +49 8821 / 9669 566

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Opening hours:

10 am – 11 pm, closed on sundays
and public holidays (with exceptions)

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