News from Kitzbühel

Whats up in Kitzbühel?

Austria’s only curling hall in Kitzbühel

The winter sports destination opened another fabulous attraction in autumn: the country’s first curling hall is the new home of unlimited aiming, sweeping, and cheering. Once you have set foot on the so-called curling sheet, an expert will help you to deliver the curling stones as close to the house as possible. And by the way: Austria’s national champion and runner-up of men’s curling are from Kitzbühel!

Cooperation between Bergbahn AG Kitzbühel and the Unterberg Ski Resort

It’s became official in September: Bergbahn AG Kitzbühel supports the natural snow ski resort Unterberg with technical know-how. For this reason, they have already sent the snow groomer Kässbohrer PB 300 Polar W from the Kitzbühel vehicle fleet to the ski resort in Lower Austria. “Our cooperation with Kitzbühel not only means exceptional promotion for us but also the transfer of technical know-how,” as Christian Guthauer, CEO of the Unterberg Ski Resort expresses his enthusiasm.       

Video series “Soaring Wonders” with the Kitzbühel 3S Cable Car

In their 6-part video series “Soaring Wonders” (Schwebende Wunderwerke), Tirol Werbung visualised the most impressive cable cars of Tirol – including the 3S Cable Car of Bergbahn AG Kitzbühel. Opened in 2004, the technical masterpiece with just one pillar connects the ski areas of Hahnenkamm/Pengelstein and Jochberg/Resterhöhe across a distance of 3.7 kilometres and at a height of up to 400 metres. Spectacular! 

Kitzbühel’s earliest start into the winter season

14 October 2017 marked the start: the cable car took the people of Kitzbühel up to the Resterhöhe and straight into the new winter season. This was possible thanks to three gigantic depots with more than 40,000 cubic metres of snow from last year. The Hahnenkamm had snow depots from last year as well and joined the snow fun on 26 October 2017.         

Kitzski 3 S Bahn 1

Opening celebration of the new Jufenbahn

After 34 years of reliable service, the 3-person chairlift Jufenalm had served its time. Since the winter season 2017/2018, its worthy successor – a powerful state-of-the-art 8-seater chairlift – has been connecting the inner Ehrenbachgraben with the ridge southwest of the Bergkogel peak in the core ski area of Kitzbühel