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Opening of the new Bernd Gruber production site

Traditional craft meets design – this has been the motto at Bernd Gruber for 50 years. And with his new production site in Stuhlfelden he now sets new standards. After two years of intense planning and construction works the new production site is ready to opens its doors and offer insight into the world of interior design. 

The success story began in Bernd Gruber’s father’s carpenters’ workshop that has been refined with a lot of sensitivity over the past decades – to become what it is today, an international business with forty members of staff. Bernd Gruber says: ‘Around 50 percent of our projects are realised abroad, which is a great challenge on the one hand and a great confirmation on the other because it shows that we have been thinking internationally for quite a while’. In order to continue to be able to fulfil his clients’ wishes with as much passion, that special feel and sophisticated design in the future, the manufactory in Stuhlfelden has now been modernised and expanded by an additional 2,000 sqm. 

La Loupe Bernd Gruber 7

International style in local workshops

Bernd Gruber explains: ‘It wasn’t about building an anonymous business but about creating a workshop in the village where people make beautiful things for other people.’ In order to guarantee a certain harmony between the annex and the remaining property, the existing workshops were mostly expanded subterraneously. A large atrium, high ceilings and a courtyard with a relaxing atmosphere offer ideal working conditions for numerous employees. ‘Only good surroundings can result in even better things being created’ the interior architect tells us. 

Taking responsibility

50 years of practical experience in the area of carpeting and 20 years in interior design – Bernd Gruber not only values unique design but also traditional craftsmanship. And these values need to be constantly adapted to the constantly changing design requirements. Via the conscious connection of architecture with craft and design, the team around Bernd Gruber have created a new, better working environment that still satisfies the highest demands in terms of quality. ‘Each thought can only ever be as good as its implementation’ is why, at Bernd Gruber, people like to think and analyse more profoundly that what might seem necessary at the first glance. Inspiration for the most beautiful things in life can be found at his Atelier in Aurach-Kitzbühel. 

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