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Interview with Johann Grander, manager of GRANDER®

‘Water is a cosmic affair’ is what Johann Grander senior said a long time ago. His passion for nature was the reason the native from Jochberg quit his job at the age of 49 and subsequently dedicated his life to water experiments until his death in 2012. His goal: to discover the secret behind the wet element. Based on his observations Johann Grander developed the renowned GRANDER® Water Revitalisation method that is used by thousands across the world. La Loupe talked to his son Johann Grander and about the innovative process and the advantages Grander water has. 

L.L. / The basis for original GRANDERWASSER® is a spring in the Jochberg copper mine. Do you think it was a coincidence that your father made such great discoveries in the fascinating nature of the Kitzbühel Alps?

J. G. / For my father there were no coincidences – for him everything had a deeper meaning. After my father had gotten water from the Thurn pass over many years (which we could not use after precipitation though), we looked for another, high-quality water source. When we found the Stephaniequelle spring in the copper mine we realised we had discovered a source with a unique water composition and of the highest quality.

L.L. / Truck driver, blending master, and petrol station leaseholder – Johann Grander really got out of his way to feed his family of ten. Only at 49 years did he start dedicating himself to his water research. What caused this change? Where did his passion for nature and water come from?

J. G. / My father had always been a nature and family-loving person. He loved reading the writings of Paracelsus and the more he delved into these materials the more passionate he became about the wish to foster his own mental and spiritual development. He retreated in order to be able to deal more intensely with nature and he started experimenting…

"My father had always been a nature and family-loving person."

L.L. / GRANDER® Water Revitalisation is based on the principle of information transfer. What exactly does that mean?

J. G. / Water reacts to biological, natural signals but also to technical signals like electromagnetic radio waves. Both types of signals are stored in the water as information and they’re passed on, too – much like a recording device. The fact that water can store and transfer information has been proven by numerous renowned scientists like, for example, Eshel Ben Jacob. The core element of GRANDER® Water Revitalisation is water. The active medium known as ‘information water’ in the GRANDER® Water Revitalisation process is water of high internal order and stability, produced using my father’s special process and knowledge. Through its high internal order this information water is able to transfer natural information and vibrations even to non-revitalised water without ever coming in contact with it. This way water is naturally stabilised and biologically improved.

L.L. / No matter if it’s in private households, hotels or industry - GRANDER® Water Revitalisation is used in very different areas. How exactly does water revitalisation work?

J. G. / The special properties of the revitalised water can be transferred to any water. The revitalisation process works using GRANDER® Units made from stainless steel that are filled with GRANDER® Information Water. These units are installed either in the main water supply or attached to the tap. The GRANDER® Information Water is produced using Johann Grander’s process in Jochberg where the units are filled. 

La Loupe Grander Kitzbühel 1

L.L. / Is there anything one needs to keep in mind when installing a water revitalisation unit?

J. G. / No, nothing. The GRANDER® Water Revitalisation Units work without electricity, without chemical additives and they are service and maintenance free.

L.L. / You often hear that water always tastes the same. What is the difference to tap water and what advantages does GRANDER® water have?

J. G. / Wherever water occurs in its original form and where it can follow its natural course it has great biological properties. It’s a gushing source of vitality and life. Pressed in pipes and pumped over long distances it loses its power and life. GRANDER® Water Revitalisation restores the water’s original structure and thus restores its power and energy. As a result, the water is more drinkable and has an improved taste, it makes you want to drink more water, stays fresh for a long time, increases wellbeing, gives food a subtle and fresh taste while keeping it fresh longer, it’s good for skin and hair wile bathing and showering, encourages the growth of plants, flowers and their yield, animals instinctively prefer it and will drink more. Aside from that the water ensures a reduced use of detergents and it is revitalised and strengthened when it returns to nature, thus benefitting the environment. 

L.L. / Do you think the effects of water are underestimated?

J. G. / I think people are becoming more water-conscious. If you value your quality of life and eat consciously you also become – and that’s a good thing – more demanding when it comes to the quality of your water. High-quality water is being valued more and more; also because the global quality awareness is increasing. Revitalised water is a crucial contributing factor to our wellbeing.

L.L. / GRANDER® Water was discovered more than 30 years ago. Is the process still the same it used to be back then? Or are there new techniques and products today?

J. G. / The process is still the same and the product is too, in principle – but of course the design has been improved and the areas of application have developed, too. 30 years ago, GRANDER® Water was mostly used in households. Today it’s used in household, hotels, restaurants, the wellness industry and food production, agriculture, animal husbandry and industry. 

L.L. / What started gaining popularity among family and friends is now popular all over the world. Can the GRANDER® Water method be applied all over the world?

J. G. / GRANDER® Water Revitalisation is practised all over the world – wherever there is running water.

L.L. / In its second generation Grander is a family-run business. How important is and was it for the family to stick together for the business?

J. G. / Without the strong family bonds Water Revitalisation would not exist today. All of us supported our father’s vision and we believed in him. We all helped out. In winter I worked for the mountain railways so that I would be able to support my father and not make any money the rest of the year. My older sisters were nurses and they supported the family financially. 


L.L. / Johann Grander gave up his safe existence for his passion – water revitalisation – and he was successful. How important is it to leave one’s ‘safe haven’ and follow one’s dreams?

J. G. / Very important – for all of us. My father was a simple man without a formal education but he still was a pioneer of his times. Back then he recognised many connections that were only understood and acknowledged by science and the public much later. With a clear vision, courage and an inventive mind my father laid the foundation for water revitalisation and with our vision we are pioneers for the future.

GRANDER® Water Revitalisation
GRANDER® Water Revitalisation


Johann Grander was ahead of his time, because … he saw connections and gathered knowledge on complicated natural processes.

My place of power in the Kitzbühel region: Jochberg.

With ice or without? Without.

For me GRANDER® Water tastes like ... nature.

I like to drink my GRANDER® Water: from a beautiful GRANDER® glass at room temperature.

The Grander family in three words: honest, thankful, modest. 

Johann Grander

Johann Grander has been in charge of the GRANDER® family business since 1989, at the beginning he led it together with his father. He possesses the same crafty skills as his father Johann Grander senior and is also responsible for mining and the show mine Kupferplatte in Jochberg. Johann Grander is manager and family spokesperson. His siblings Stephanie, Johanna and Heribert support him in several areas.

The GRANDER® Water Revitalisation method was developed by Johann Grander in Jochberg in Tyrol more than 30 years ago. Today the process is being used in private households, hotels, industry and agriculture in more than 40 countries. Even after the death of Johann Grander senior in 2012 the GRANDER® Company Group has remained a family-run business.