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Interview with dentist and DJ Christian Hammerer

When Christian Hammerer is not busy taking care of his patients’ teeth in Vienna, you’ll likely find him up on a podium in front of a crowd of happy, dancing partygoers – no matter if it’s at the beach in Ibiza or in Kitzbühel’s hippest locations. And all that is because Christian Hammerer, who is originally from Upper Austria, is not just a renowned doctor but also a passionate house and techno DJ. In his interview with La Loupe he told us why he could not imagine one life without the other and why Kitzbühel is the perfect place to celebrate.

L.L. / You are senior physician at the dental clinic Zahnklinik Josefstadt in Vienna and at the same time you tour clubs as a DJ. Does this mean you made your two passions your jobs?

C.H. / Yes, in a nutshell. Only when I became a DJ did I realise just how important passion is for doing what you do well. The combination of both jobs really is tailor-made for me – I’m happy I can say that I know that now.

Still, I was always intent on separating the two things – starting with taking on the DJ stage name of “Chris Kristallski”. Especially since I got the impression that many people did not understand that spinning is not just about partying and drinking alcohol. Quite the contrary: if you want to be successful in this job for a long time it’s about very different things. You need stamina, discipline, and a kind of steadfastness so the night doesn’t swallow you whole (laughs).

L.L. / Where did your passion for music come from?

C.H. / It actually started very early, with my sister who is five years my senior and very much into music, which means as a child I grew up with her music, e.g. Depeche Mode and Duran Duran. In retrospect I must say that that had a great influence on me.

Later I used electronic house music to push myself during training; with my iPod and my earbuds it helped me give everything I had. And later it was my love for Ibiza and the contacts I had in the club scene over there that made me turn more in the direction of deep house, techno, and ultimately the turntables.

©MS Foto Chris Kristallski
©MS Foto Chris Kristallski

L.L. / As DJ Chris Kristallski you make music “with love” – what exactly does that mean?

C.H. / In order to really go places its indispensable to make your own music. And not just as a means to an end but to create melodies and tone sequences that get under your skin.

L.L. / You are a welcome guest at the turntables of Club Take Five and Tomschy. What was it that drew you to Kitzbühel?

C.H. / I was attracted to Kitzbühel even before my career in music. It was my love for the mountains, for nature, and sports that got me here – via a few detours. I can’t imagine a better place to live which is why I moved my primary residence here. The village character, the kindness and straightforwardness of the locals, the many leisure time options and the high-quality gastronomy make it uniquely appealing for me.

L.L. / Would you say that Kitzbühel provides the perfect balance to life in the big city?

C.H. / The combination of Vienna as my professional focus and Kitzbühel as the centre of my life is ideal for me. At the same time I tour quite a lot on the weekends and that makes me cherish coming back to Kitzbühel all the more.

"You need a lot of stamina, discipline, and steadfastness so the night doesn’t swallow you whole."

©MS Foto Chris Kristallski
©MS Foto Chris Kristallski

L.L. / You are very athletic and active. Which do you enjoy more – the range of sports you can do here in summer or in winter?

C.H. / I really was lucky to have my parents who pushed me to do sports very early on. For me personally it’s an elementary part of my health, success, and inner balance. During my time as an active professional athlete I learned how to get things done, how to be reliable and steadfast, and how to be hard on myself when it’s necessary.

As a passionate skier I love the cold season, of course, but summer in Kitzbühel is so special for me. There is nothing more beautiful than a lengthy mountain bike tour followed by a dip in Schwarzsee surrounded by the beautiful alpine panorama…

L.L. / In Kitzbühel it is customary to have a large circle of friends to spend skiing holidays or weekends together with. How important is it to party together?

C.H. / It’s more important to me here than in other places. And I wouldn’t just call it partying. It’s about the company, really. And the mix of people in Kitzbühel is good and interesting. There are many lovers of Ibiza and Mykonos here and that is reflected in the taste in music which, in turn, benefits the parties here!

L.L. / With your own label Strizzi Records you tour a lot as a DJ. Would you say that the different places are all the same in terms of atmosphere or do you have to adapt the tracks?

C.H. / There is a huge difference between playing at Sass Club in Vienna, Take Five Kitzbühel, the Beatpatrol Festival, après ski at Tomschy on Hahnenkamm or up on Hornköpfhütte.

And so I adapt the set in accordance with the location, the people, and the playtime. But I still try to be spontaneous in my choice of tracks because that’s what sets the mood, in the end.

L.L. / Do you have Kitzbühel News for 2018/19?

C.H. / There are a few dates with Take Five Kitzbühel and a few new things will come up, too. You’ll have to wait for the surprise there…

Christian Hammerer im Wordrap:

©MS Foto Chris Kristallski
©MS Foto Chris Kristallski

I think après ski isgreat!

A pretty smile is important because it often is the very first impression I get from the person in front of me.

The mountains are my hotspot in Kitz.

This hit is my all-time favourite: “Man with the Red Face” by Mark Knight & Funkagenda.

Record collection or iTunes? Both. Though iTunes is easier to transport (laughs).

What I like the most about Kitzbühel is the mixture of village character and international jet-set.