Love at first touch

Interview with Andrea Karg, founder and creative director at the brand Allude

Andrea Karg

Luxurious, desirable, confident, and surprising – that’s the central theme that’s present in all of Andrea Karg’s designs. More than 20 years ago she founded the cashmere brand Allude, a brand that amazes women worldwide. The sensual premium products are soft to the touch and there is a women’s, a men’s, a kids’ and a baby line as well as an exclusive range of home products. La Loupe had the privilege of asking Andrea Karg a few questions – the answers were rather warming. 

L.L. / Ms Karg, you are not just the creative director at Allude, you actually founded the business in 1993. Before that you were a junior lawyer. Where did your passion for cashmere and the decision to found your own fashion business come from?

A.K. / The passion for cashmere started in my youth, when I first felt just how supple and soft this wonderful material is: it was love at first touch – long before I owned a garment made from cashmere. Aside from that I created a variety of cuts and colours, thus giving cashmere an all new look and revolutionising cashmere fashion. 

La Loupe Allude Kitzbühel 1

L.L. / You freed cashmere from its outdated image and showed that this special fabric can be feminine and fashionable. What makes it the perfect fabric to you? What is so special about the fine natural fibre?

A.K. / Cashmere is such a wonderful and natural product. It flatters and protects at the same time. 

La Loupe Allude Kitzbühel 3

L.L. / The days are getting shorter, temperatures are dropping, and the first snow falls here in Kitzbühel – and of course cosy cashmere garments from Allude look more and more alluring. What trends can we expect in the fall/winter 2017 season?

A.K. / Geometric colour blocking on dresses and sweaters that remind us of paintings by the artist Mondrian, playful two-colour Jacquard patterns. Casual athleisure influences have become an integral part of the collection, two different product groups comprise loosely knit and oversize models; finest cashmere makes the look absolutely wearable.

The classic turtleneck gets reinforcements in the form of the mock sweater, perfectly combined with long cashmere dresses or sweaters. 

L.L. / From Munich into the world – Allude has been gathering fans all over the world for more than 20 years. Where do you take your inspiration and energy from? Is there a spot in Kitzbühel where you like to recharge your batteries?

A.K. / Cashmere and fashion are my passion. I am a very inquisitive person and I won’t take ‘can’t do’ for an answer. I follow my intuition, that intuition manifests itself in me in the course of the creative process and becomes a TREND in the collection. That’s where I get my drive and my vision from, in order to create a new collection made from a wonderful material each season, a collection that’s desirable, sensual, and luxurious. So fashion, and the creative process define my life – I absorb always and everywhere and then I think in shapes, colours, patterns…

I recharge my batteries when I get home, when I have no appointments, when I spend time with my family. And I love to spend time in Kitzbühel on the weekends. 

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Andrea Karg's Wordrap

The Allude bestseller is … a modern boatneck sweater, casual fit.

The best way to take care of cashmere pieces: The washing machine’s wool programme, no warmer than 30°C.

Cashmere and … a smile … make every outfit perfect.

Oversize or slim fit? I love both!

Allude stands for … authentic and luxurious cashmere fashion.

My favourite piece in the current collection:  a ribbed cardigan.