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Bendura Bank Snow Polo World Cup 2018 with Bernd Gruber

In 2018 a spectacular winter sports event will take place just outside Kitzbühel for the 16th: the Bendura Bank Snow Polo World Cup. This season polo fans can once again look forward to hot matches on cold snow.

“Classy, yet not aloof” is how Elmar Balster from the event agency Lifestyle Events would describe the world’s largest polo tournament on snow. The world class Polo tournament in Kitzbühel combines Tyrolean comfort and hospitality with action-packed hours in a classy atmosphere. More than 15,000 onlookers cheer on the pros on horseback. 

La Loupe Snow Polo Kitzbühel 6

Unique snowy spectacle

The event starts on Thursday, 11 January 2018 with the big procession of the teams into Kitzbühel’s centre and to Hotel Tenne, where the press conference for fans and media will take place. Between Friday and Sunday, the thrilling games will take place on Münichauer Wiese in Raith by Kitzbühel, in front of the unique backdrop of Wilder Kaiser – the grand finale is scheduled for Sunday at 2 pm. The entrance is free of charge for all games!

The big non-sport highlights: the welcome party at Casino Kitzbühel on Thursday and the Polo Players’ Night on Saturday in the exclusive VIP tent on the polo ground. Unique atmosphere, excellent entertainment, and finest gourmet catering included!

Bernd Gruber at Bendura Bank Snow Polo World Cup 2018

In 2018 there will be one team with a solid grip on the reins: Bernd Gruber. The renowned interior design firm from Aurach by Kitzbühel is not just the official sponsor of the Bendura Bank Snow Polo World Cup, with the riders Steffi von Pock, Marty van Scherpenzeel, and Robert Watson it also participates in the sportive event for the fifth time. Ruth Gruber is amazed: “The success of each endeavour depends on the team. Which is why our company counts on the best staff – and that also goes for the sport. We are very proud of our players.” In 2015 the Team Bernd Gruber was able to celebrate a great success: Steffi von Pock, Eva Brühl, and Adrian Laplacette Jr. were able to score bronze for the company. “The Snow Polo World Cup in Kitzbühel is an international event. From Kitzbühel into the world, so to speak. In this context I feel like it has a few things in common with Bernd Gruber – and at the end of the day it also simply is a fascinating and exciting sport” says Bernd Gruber. The team’s performance at the 2018 event is definitely something to look forward to. La Loupe says: fingers crossed! 

Bendura Bank Snow Polo World Cup 2018 with Bernd Gruber


Polo is one of the world’s oldest team sports. In the game four players on horseback try to score goals against the opposing team, the ball is seven to eight centimetres large and weighs 130 grams and the team uses long-handled wooden mallets to drive the ball into the opposing team’s goal. In Kitzbühel the sport is performed on snow. Today the Bendura Bank Snow Polo World Cup is the world’s largest Snow Polo tournament.