Sporty functionality meets urban chic

Rossignol: autumn/winter season 2018/19

©Lapo Quagli

As one of the biggest ski producers, Rossignol may mostly be known for alpine and cross-country skis, ski boots, and winter sports accessories; but the brand’s own fashion line is well worth noticing, too. Only few know that Rossignol used to make ski equipment as well as everyday clothing up until 1950. 

In the past years this trend was revived and pursued with great enthusiasm. Just in time for the autumn/winter season 2018/19, Rossignol introduces three new collections that clearly show a development that goes from purely functional sportswear to aspects of urban lifestyle. Multifunctionality paired with design which seems ahead of its time yet again this season. 

Graphic definition, selected colours, and a mix of sophisticated textiles make sure the new Rossignol winter collection has character and depth. A combination of different worlds where big outdoor scenarios meet the dynamics of international metropoles. And starting with the autumn/winter 2018/19 season Rossignol has chosen to consciously forego the use of fur in all its collections and replace it with the latest “eco-fur” technology.

©Lapo Quagli
©Lapo Quagli


At the core of the Rossignol textile line for this season is the Sport-Chic collection which is suitable for both, freezing temperatures on the highest peaks, and occasions in modern city life. 

The line authentically represents the traditional brand’s sporty attitude – interpreted in a new and modern way. The garments’ extraordinary design ensures a high recognition value and every detail is of the highest quality. The collections’ functionality clearly isn’t limited to athletic aspects only, it has been expanded to suit après ski and leisure time activities, too. This becomes visible in its practical and ergonomic cuts and the innovative looks. The consistent use of seamless technology makes sure the garments adapt perfectly to the body and it makes them cold and water repellent. And here is where the passion for detail becomes visible: the classic tricolour motif has been picked up and can be found all over collection, and the material used for ribbons can be found on ski sticks and hanging loops in jackets. 

The footwear line for women and men includes sneakers as well as two new models that were inspired by the bestselling Auckland model. They are characterised by their patented anti-slip sole, water-repellent leather, and a comfortable fit.

©Lapo Quagli
©Lapo Quagli

Jean-Charles De Castelbajac x Rossignol

This winter the well-tried collaboration with French designer Jean-Charles de Castelbajac continues. His visionary influence can be found in this season’s new, creative, and colourful women’s collection. Animal prints and pop-culture symbols mark so-called Tribaltitude items. And just like last year there is an urban as well as a skiing line. 

The playful character of Castelbajac’s design blends with Rossignol’s athletic soul. Each garment, be it a skiing overall or a sweater, is completely reinvented – thanks to the creator’s inspiration and imagination.

©Lapo Quagli
©Lapo Quagli

Wallpaper x Rossignol

Yet another special project that is part of the Rossignol autumn/winter collection is a collaboration with the classic British magazine “Wallpaper”. Each month the magazine deals with topics such as design, architecture, art, travelling, fashion, and international lifestyle. Consequently, it forms the perfect link between lonely, picturesque mountain slopes and vibrant city centres. The collection tells the story of an urban researcher who is constantly on the move yet always focused on the Alps. 

The collaboration resulted in the creation of twelve unique pieces, among them are down jackets, parkas, sweaters, and wool hats that go with matching skis, lined gloves, and ski goggles. The representative symbol on the collection is a result of Rossignol’s tricoloured logo and Wallpaper’s characteristic star that resembles a snowflake. 

So, all those who value a sophisticated combination of design and functionality this winter, be it on the slopes or in town, would to well to choose Rossignol!

Herbst-/Winter Kollektion ©Lapo Quagli