Old story in a new cover

The new edition of the book “Der Lawinen-Franz Josef” by Markus Fetz

Markus Fetz himself knew the story of Lawinen-Franz Josef (= avalanche Franz Josef) from when he was a schoolboy. Back when he was in elementary school it was the original edition in old gothic writing. And as he grew up the story of Lawinen-Franz Josef never left him, which is why the Lech-born graphic designer decided to design a new edition of the book.

20180823 Lfj 10 Fj Icv2

Four illustrations, 68 stapled pages – the original booklet from 1914 looked more like a brochure than a book. A few years ago Markus Fetz already had the idea of creating a new design for the book. It took until 2018 for the project to be finished.

And now readers of all ages can look forward to a book of a larger format and printed on high-quality paper, stitched, with 28 illustrations on 80 pages. The beautiful illustrations are inspired by historic photographs, maps, and drawings – and, what with the lack of original materials – also by the graphic designer’s fantasy.

20180823 Lfj 6 Lech Icv2

The story of Lawinen-Franz Josef

Franz Josef Mathies (1864 to 1937), also known as avalanche Franz Josef, was caught in an avalanche in 1886 and miraculously saved by a rescue team after more than 30 hours under huge amounts of snow.