The work of physicians in the mountains

Dr. Elmar Beiser and Dr. Reinhard Muxel

The medical care of Arlberg residents has been in excellent hands for decades. The Lech-based general practitioners Elmar Beiser and Reinhard Muxel look after the health and wellbeing of their patients with tremendous dedication. While work never stops at the medical centre, the two physicians keep setting new benchmarks in the fields of diagnostics and medical treatment. 

Maximum treatment variety

The medical centre’s latest accomplishment is the recently retrofitted MRI department equipped with cutting-edge MRI and CT systems. The new low-dose CT significantly reduces the patients’ exposure to radiation and enables a whole new level of diagnostics. In consequence, the medical team is able to react much quicker primarily to acute injuries, e.g. of the ligamentous apparatus, and refer the patients to the best specialist, if needed. All further medical procedures such as hospital stays and treatments are centrally organised. In this regard, Lech provides three physical therapists and mobile medical service.

Aside from such extensive and quick medical care for holiday guests, local residents do not come off badly either. “It is truly a great experience to care for young people and then see them return with their own children many years later,” as the doctors point out their joy in working with their patients. The current political situation is less amusing to Dr. Beiser and Dr. Muxel, though: “The independent medical profession does not find a lot of support among policy makers. It is particularly in the country that in-house pharmacies and an intricate network of self-employed medical practices form an excellent system that is unfortunately undermined bit by bit.”


Traditional home remedies & alternative medicine

The two doctors take care of Lech 24 day, 365 days a year. The everyday work of Elmar Beiser and Reinhard Muxel goes far beyond classic medical treatment and covers almost the entire range of medicine. “The internet is one of the reasons why patients are generally better informed than they once were and have become particularly critical of prescribed medication. This is why patients expect adequate explanations and information on alternative treatment options.” Their tip for the colder season: “If you have a cold with fever, we recommend traditional leg compresses. Outdoor exercise, a balanced diet and regular sauna sessions help to prevent getting sick.”