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The perfect setting


The perfect setting

Interview with Sylvia Weingart of Das Graseck hotel

Weingart’s is located 200 altitude metres above Garmisch, directly above the Partnachklamm gorge. Gourmets who dine here take the Graseckbahn lift from Garmisch directly to the restaurant which takes only a few minutes – and then they can look forward to veritable explosions of taste. La Loupe interviewed the owner Sylvia Weingart who, together with her husband, is in charge of both the Weingart’s restaurant and the boutique hotel Das Graseck.

"Our daily menu always contains freshly made specialties."

L.L./ At Weingart’s people eat under the motto “dining among friends.” What’s the idea behind this concept?

S.W./ Well, on the one hand we want to express that “fine dining” here is about a relaxed, warm atmosphere and not about stiff etiquette – it’s just like a meal with friends. On the other hand, Weingart’s is a place for special evenings, its location and atmosphere alone ensure that, be it an anniversary, a family celebration or simply time you spend together with your friends.

"Our dry aging cabinet contains delicious dry aged lamb and beef, all from certified organic farms."

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©Das Graseck

L.L./ You offer daily changing 4-course menus – what delicacies can gourmets look forward to here?

S.W./ Our daily menu always contains freshly made dishes that have a seasonal background and our guests can choose between a fish, meat, or vegetarian main course. Aside from the daily menu we also have a standing menu we update several times a year and it’s certain to make vegetarians happy. However, it’s the meat lovers who can really indulge here: with our dry aging cabinet that contains delicious dry aged lamb and beef, all from certified organic farms.

"Chef de cuisine Zimmermann built his own herb bed in the garden."

L.L./ Mrs Weingart, you and your husband are not just in charge of the Graseck hotel, you are both doctors, too. Would you say that that’s the reason healthy cuisine is such an important topic at Weingart’s?

S.W./ Our job certainly has an influence here. We and our chef de cuisine value careful and low-fat cooking that makes sure vitamins and nutrients are preserved. And the choice of ingredients is also based on these factors. Of course, indulgence still is the number-one focus: a dessert like our “Valrhona chocolate symphony” with home-made pralines, ice cream, and brownies certainly is not exactly light – but it simply tastes delicious and it’s the perfect way to end an evening meal.

"The “trip” up here, where guests cover the last altitude metres with the romantic Graseck cable car, really is something."

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©Das Graseck

L.L./ Your guests dine just above the Partnachklamm gorge. The view from the windows is fantastic – not matter the season. Do you sometimes get the impression that the region’s nature also influences the pleasurable experience up here at Weingart’s?

S.W./ Certainly. Because we are surrounded by nature and definitely not a city restaurant, our guests feel like they spend their evening in a completely different place, even if they just come up here from Garmisch. The “trip” up here where guests cover the last altitude metres with the romantic Graseck cable car already is something, you simply leave your car down there and go up to an oasis of quiet and leave the city behind. And then you can taste the altitude, too: our chef de cuisine Zimmermann has his own herb bed in the garden to make sure he always has the freshest herbs. And for his “forest & meadow special” which we have several times a year he sets out just outside the door and picks the ingredients for his menu himself. It doesn’t get any more regional than that, really.

"It doesn’t get any more regional than that."



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