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Interview with Twinfluencers Julia and Maria Kröner

©Julia und Maria Kröner

Cape Town – Vancouver – Seattle – Havanna – with a schedule like this you’d think the flight attendants Julia and Maria Kröner would be happy to finally get a chance to stay in. But, in spite of the constant adaptation to time difference and plenty of alternatives worldwide, the two choose to spend their treasured winter holidays on St. Anton’s slopes. In their talk with La Loupe the twins talk about the advantages of their favourite ski resort, their success on the social media platform Instagram, and they shared some tips on how to battle jetlag.

L.L. / Because of your job you travel a lot and you’ve seen much of the world. Do you even feel like travelling during your time off or do you enjoy spending your free time at home in Frankfurt?

J.K. / Well, it’s true that there is no place like home, but we still enjoy travelling. Not so much in summer because we use the destinations in the Caribbean that we fly to for work to spend time at the beach. But with the current route network we’re missing destinations that are in the mountains. We just love snowboarding and that’s why it’s very important to us and definitely a priority to have winter holidays. We look forward to it all year.

L.L. / Your Instagram posts show that you like spending your winter holidays in St. Anton am Arlberg. Why is that ski resort so special for you?

M.K. / We have a lot of childhood memories from St. Anton. We used to spend beautiful holidays here with our parents and nothing much has changed since then. We still very much enjoy going to St. Anton. It simply is an amazing ski resort. J.K. / And it offers lots of leisure time activities. Aside from the great slopes there’s the Ski Show every Wednesday that we like to see when we’re in St. Anton. Also, two years ago we were there in time for the Audi driving experience where we got to drive the cars they had there and take them for a proper ride. That was a lot of fun. We are planning on coming back for our next trip to St. Anton in March/April 2019.

Julia und Maria Kröner
Julia und Maria Kröner

L.L. / When was the first time you came to St. Anton? Do you usually come here together?

M.K. / We are pretty sure our first trip to St. Anton was in 2006. We have been going regularly – every year, with very few exceptions – since then. In the 2017/18 season we even came twice, for the Ski Open at the end of the year and a second time in February, for an entire week.

J.K. / Because we took up snowboarding at the same time we are at about the same level now. Which is why it makes sense for us to go together – we don’t have to wait for each other. Of course, we also like to go on holiday with friends, but it’s become a tradition for the two of us to go snowboarding together.

L.L. / What does a perfect day here look like?

M.K. / In St. Anton we usually get up very early and after a short breakfast and a coffee we’re right off to the slopes. We usually have a hotel or apartment in town – that way we can walk to Galzigbahn. When the weather is good we like to head up to Valluga – enjoy the spectacular view for a moment – and then we make the most of the different slopes. We like to spend our lunch breaks on Ulmer Hütte. We always meet lots of people and the view is gorgeous. In any case, we board as much as we can during the day and then we look forward to après ski in the evenings.

J.K. / For après ski we like to go to Heustadl. They have cool live music every other day and when the weather is good you can enjoy the sun for a long time here. And sometimes you’ll find us at Mooserwirt.

Julia & Maria Kröner
Julia & Maria Kröner

L.L. / What’s your favourite memory from St. Anton?

J.K. / One of the most beautiful experiences was doing the Run of Fame in perfect weather with two friends of ours – even if that really was quite tiring.

M.K. / The Run of Fame really brings out our ambitious side. With its 85 kilometres it’s not easy to do but you still want to try. That’s what makes it so amazing.

L.L. / St. Anton has numerous great events. What would your tips be?

M.K. / The Ski Show is worth a visit. It’s a huge event with light effects and many other highlights. All the skiing and snowboard instructors are there and tell stories about St. Anton and how alpine skiing came to be. It’s a really fun event.

J.K. / I’d also recommend the annual Ski Open. During the day you get to try out different ski and snowboard models on the slopes and in the evenings all guests can look forward to an amazing show with a huge stage and various live acts. When we were there for the start of the 2017/18 season the culmination was a Revolverheld concert.

L.L. / You must be experienced travellers and packing-pros. What essentials must go in the suitcase for a winter holiday or a trip to St. Anton? Do you always agree here?

J.K. / For me it’s my sunglasses since the weather in St. Anton is often so beautiful. And when we sit outside during our lunch break the sun reflects off of the white snow – that’s why sunglasses are a must for me.

M.K. / I always need my thermal underwear. On time during our skiing holidays in St. Anton I’d only brought a normal pair of tights and I was so cold in them because temperatures dropped unexpectedly. Since then I always bring my thermal wear.

J.K. / What both of us always bring to St. Anton are our snowboard and mittens that can be fixed to the wrists. When you snowboard you have to take your gloves on and off quite a lot in order to buckle up the board or get out of the bindings. That’s why the mittens are really practical – it’s just not that easy to lose them.

©Julia und Maria Kröner
©Julia und Maria Kröner

L.L. / Is there anything you generally always pack when you’re on the go for work?

J.K. / Since we fly to so many destinations in the Caribbean and by the sea we always bring sun screen, beach towels, and a bikini.

M.K. / And the toiletry bag and flip flops are never unpacked. The beach towel goes in the wash and then right back into the suitcase.

L.L. / You as full-time flight attendants must have a tip for dealing with time difference and battling jetlag, right?

M.K. / Our recipe against jetlag is to adapt to the German time as quickly as possible. Which means we spend the day we arrive as actively as possible and head to bed early so we can get up early again the next day. That way you’re almost back in the rhythm of the current time zone.

L.L. / You’ve been active on Instagram since 2016. Do you have to invest a lot of time in keeping your followers in the loop about your travels? Do you share that particular role?

M.K. / Yes, that does take quite a lot of time. But I really don’t mind it that much. I’m on my phone all the time anyway. Contrast to Julia I’m online all the time and I try to make sure we take interesting pictures or edit content for the Instagram. Our followers also expect new posts regularly.

J.K. / We always take our pictures together and try to be as creative as possible. In particular because we want to stay true to our name “Twins on Board” and thus distinguish ourselves from other bloggers.

©Julia und Maria Kröner
©Julia und Maria Kröner

Wordrap with Julia & Maria Kröner:

International metropolis or home? M.K./ and J.K./ Home.

What I tell people who are afraid of flying: J.K. /that the plane is the safest means of transport in the world.

What I look forward the most when I get home…M.K. / and J.K./ family and friends.

During our time off we usually travelM.K. / and J.K./ by car.

In St. Anton you’ll often find usM.K. / and J.K./ on the slopes.

Julia und Maria Kröner

The twins Julia and Maria Kröner have been leading a life of jet-set for six years – as flight attendants with a large German airline. Via their Instagram account Twins on Board – which, by now, has almost 12,000 followers – the two like to share images of their life with all those who had to stay home. Pictures and stories from cities like Cape Town, Calgary, Seattle, and Havana are sure to awaken everyone’s passion for travelling.

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