13 figures from Lech Zürs

13 figures from Lech Zürs

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percent gradient, that’s one of the world’s steepest groomed ski slopes: The Langer Zug on Rüfikopf. Quite the challenge – even for pros!


kilometres, that’s the distance the newly opened Flexenbahn covers. It was finished in time for the 2016/17 winter season and transports up to 2,400 people per hour, quickly and safely.


participants face the legendary ski round-race The White Ring every year. This year the 22 km must be covered for the 12th time. A unique spectacle!


ski huts and mountain restaurants in the Lech Zürs region are awaiting their guests with culinary delights. No matter if it’s traditional delicacies or haute cuisine – no-one will go to bed hungry here.

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was the year Austria’s first drag lift was opened in Zürs. Three years later the first ski lift in Lech was put into operation.


well-groomed obstacles are available at Snowpark Lech. Perfect for freestyle pros and beginners on an area of 3.6 hectares. Pick your favourite challenge: kickers, pipelines, butter boxes, rails…


race tracks on the Arlberg make the pulse quicken. Lech offers a slope for record-breaking parallel slaloms and Zürs offers a giant slalom race track to passionate winter athletes.


out of 100 points – that’s the score the Roter Williamsbrand pear schnapps by Ski-Club Arlberg reached in this year’s Falstaff Spirit Trophy. The Hans Reisetbauer distillery has been producing this spirit since 2002. Congratulations!

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square metres of artificial ice are available in the one and only air-conditioned hotel ice rink in Europe at Hotel Monzabon. All year round guests can ice skate and practice their Bavarian curling moves as much as they like.


ski lifts and 305 slope kilometres are available here, making Ski Arlberg one of the five biggest ski resorts in the world. A special place for winter sports fun!


overnight stays were recorded in Lech Zürs during the past winter season of 2016/17 – considering the difficult weather conditions that is a very positive result. A result to be outdone now.


slope kilometres must be covered on the Arlberg’s new round route ‘Run of Fame’. It takes a whole day to do it all.


was the year the world’s first heated chair lifts went into operation in Lech and Zürs. The region was and still is at the top when it comes to comfort and innovation.

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