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The topic of sustainability is omnipresent and crucial to everyone’s future – irrespective of the industry. And when it comes to all aspects of outdoor sports, from production to furnishing to everything a destination has to offer and going all the way to holidaymakers’ travel behaviour, producers, retailers, and consumers have the responsibility to safeguard the environment for the future generations. The team surrounding Sport Conrad’s manager Hans Conrad suit the action to the word and make sustainability a central concern in the family-run business.

The point of contact for mountain sports

Skiing, hiking, biking, climbing, trail running – from classic tours to challenging adventures, the team at Sport Conrad has been the one stop shop for clothing, gear, and expert know-how concerning all things outdoor for more than 120 years.

The range of hiking, running and trail running shoes as well as the expert advice provided by the qualified personell that loves the mountains just as much as the clientele does, is unique. Especially in the area of alpine skiing and ski tours Sport Conrad is one of Europe’s largest online retailers. Aside from the comprehensive range of products, the analysis of individual needs and personal preferences is one of Sport Conrad’s trademarks.

In combination with the latest technology, international brands, and plenty of passion for sports, the outfitter is known for its affinity for the mountains way beyond the borders of the Bavarian uplands. The range of services includes the delivery of products from the online shop to the store as well as numerous test events where outdoor fans can get all the information on the latest trends and products during activities and workshops.

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It all starts with a single step

Sustainability is so much more than individual actions. The will to actively protect the environment requires a change in thought patterns – in the smallest details and with regards to the big picture. This process, which, in spite of its long-term focus, also starts with a first step, was given Sport Conrad’s full attention and a wide-ranging platform this year: sustainability is the main theme of the summer catalogue and the following winter catalogue.

Aside from that the staff is trained in specific workshops that go beyond the usual product training. Consequently the team’s know-how goes way beyond the usual product knowledge – during the workshops, staff also learn about production and supply chain topics.

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„We Rethink“

The house’s own sustainability logo ‘We Rethink’ is awarded to suppliers that are particularly committed in this area. This additional quality seal triggers a whole new – and bilateral – process. On the one hand, the customers have started buying more consciously and started paying attention to products and producers where this topic plays a role and who therefore make a concrete contribution to all our future.

On the other hand, the increased demand has an immediate effect on the buying habits of retailers like Sport Conrad; the producers can feel that change and of course they are interested in making sure their range of products gets the logo that will increase their sales figures. And this fascinating cycle sets something in motion that started with only one single step.

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Continuity and change

Hans Conrad is the fourth generation to manage the company. The success of the company, which is all about the mountains, is based on unchanging values like authenticity, the local connection, and honest, empathetic customer contact. Stability and change, however, do not have to be mutually exclusive – the goal of safeguarding one’s home on a local and global scale requires retrospection as well as the gaze into a future than can yet be shaped.


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