Highest-level indulgence
© Dominik Zangerl

Highest-level indulgence

During the Weingondeln event premium wines are tasted in panoramic heights

This springtime event literally elevates the art of wine tasting to new heights: participants float up towards the mountain in the 10-person cable car Auenfeldjet, across the wide, snow-covered valley – and at the same time they get to taste wines by renowned Austrian winemakers, among them wines from the Pichler-Krutzler, Mad Marienberg, Salomon- Undhof or Fabich vineyards. Between the valley station at 1,719 metres and the summit station at 1,786 metres the greatest feasts await the guests’ palates and eyes.

This coming year the event is scheduled for April 17: from 11am to 3:30pm the lift turns into a mobile tasting parlour, 25 cable cars with four bottles each are involved. Registration and glass dispension takes place at the halfway- station of the connecting cable car between Schröcken and Lech. The tour takes 25 minutes, plenty of time to taste four wines – and really take in the view.

Weingondeln 2017 Lech Zuers Tourismus by Florian Lechner 2

Weingondeln 2017 Lech Zuers Tourismus by Florian Lechner 15

Laloupe weinberg 3

© Dominik Zangerl

Skiers can reward themselves after their morning’s skiing session with the tasting. But people who are on foot are also very welcome to participate. During the event they can take the Weibermahdbahn and Auenfeldjet for free; they are advised to bring sturdy, snow-proof shoes and warm winter clothing. At the stations guests can enjoy snacks and after the event all those who are motivated can head to aprés-gondeln at the Romantikhotel Die Krone’s ice bar. And in the evening a gala dinner awaits, too.

Mag. Christoph Pfefferkorn | Skilifte Lech und Initiator des Weingondelns

Laloupe weingondeln christoph pfefferkorn

© Christoph Pefferkorn

My idea for the event “Weingondeln am Arlberg” (Arlberg wine gondolas) was that of creating a unique wine event which isn’t just about “talking shop”, but rather an event that lets the Arlberg’s guests get in contact with Austria’s top winemakers in a new and relaxed setting – in the cable car gondolas of Auenfeldjet which has been connecting the ski resorts of Lech Zürs and Warth-Schröcken since 2013. Aside from that it’s a ski-in, ski-out event, too – where guests get to enjoy the wonderful firn slopes we have in spring and then taste selected wines before heading off to après ski.

Another unique aspect is that there aren’t just Austrian wines for the guests to try, there also is Champagne, Whiskey, and a variety of small snacks from selected caterers from the Arlberg area. The success of the past events does not only show in the fact that the event has been fully booked for years but it is now being copied in other ski resorts, too. Which is also why I had the Weingondeln event registered as a trademark!

Erich Krutzler und Elisabeth Pichler-Krutzler | Weingut Pichler-Krutzler

Laloupe weingondeln krutzler

© Pichler-Krutzer

Lech is unique in every way. Aside from the atmosphere and the quality of the slopes we winemakers appreciate the high-quality gastronomy, the hotels, and the people who make us want to come back for a holiday in Lech every year. Nowhere in the world is there a similar place and every time we leave we look forward to our next trip. I think the idea is amazing because you get a good mixture of guests, locals, and staff in a unique setting and you don’t just get closer physically but also on an interpersonal level. Perfect for conveying that passion for wine in a simple and unforgettable way.

Fanny Marie Salomon | Salomon Undhof

Laloupe weingondeln florence stoiber

© Florence Stoiber

Lech – with its great houses and hospitable sommeliers – perfect for connecting indulgence and culture at the highest level. And wine, too, is an expression of indulgence and culture at the highest level. I appreciate the high quality, the locals’ connection with nature and way of life, the Kässpätzle (a special type of pasta with cheese), the slopes, and the friendliest hosts. Aside from that Lech’s air is just as clear as our wines from Salomon Undhof.

The event really is remarkable and unique. I as the winemaker got to meet 21 motivated skiers and wine lovers per hour (it’s a 20-minute ride with 7 persons each) and taste our Salomon Undhof wines with them while enjoying the view and having a blast. As the hours go by it becomes more and more merry and the final descent is great fun, too.

Johannes Pfefferkorn | Romantikhotel Die Krone von Lech

Johannes Pfefferkornc Romantik Hotel Die Krone von Lech

© Andi Sillaber

“The best of” from all 25 wineries that turn Weingondeln into the most private of all tasting sessions. Each winemaker presents one of their very special wines that evening and they create the menu that goes with the wines. The bigger the variety of wines, the more courses there are. One time we had 14 of them. That was an exception, though. Usually we serve between six and eight courses.

Tipp: Galaabend im Hotel „Die Krone von Lech“

Galaabend im Hotel „Die Krone von Lech“ mit 6-Gang-Degustationsmenü inkl. Weinbegleitung. Pro Person € 150,-. Buchungen unter +43 5583 2551-507, office@kronelech.at

The next Weingondeln event takes place on April 17, 2020 on Auenfeldjet. Registration at the halfway-station, tickets cost Euro 30.

For further information, visit:

Website icon www.lechzuers.com/event/weingondeln

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