Regional indulgence for all the senses
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Regional indulgence for all the senses

In October 2018 Tannenhütte, one of the most beautiful places in Garmisch-Partenkirchen, was opened – together the Bavarian State Forestry as its builder and Anna and Andreas Hertle as the innkeepers have created a place to linger.

L.L./ Tannenhütte has become a popular destination for day trippers – where does the name come from and what’s special about the building?

A.H./ The name was chosen by the Bavarian State Forestry and it actually documents a speciality in the construction. The hut is the largest building made from fir (which translates to Tanne in German) in the entire alpine region. One of the reasons for using only regional fir was sustainability since fir trees cope better with climate change than spruce does.

„Regional indulgence for all the senses!“

The design itself is that of a classic block house the way it would have been built 200 years ago, too. The large panoramic windows from glass are contemporary elements and this construction gives all visitors the opportunity to enjoy spectacular views from the inside all year round, independent of the weather. When it’s cold, guests can sit inside by the open fire and during the summer months the terrace that enjoys sunlight from morning to night makes for the perfect viewpoint.

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© Anna Hertle
„Our longer opening hours in summer are adapted to the later sunsets.“

L.L./ And the view from this wonderful spot is truly impressive. What can guests see from here?

A.H./ The panorama you see from Tannenhütte includes the Wetterstein massif, from Dreitorspitze to Germany’s highest peak, Zugspitze. No matter if it’s sunny, rainy, or snowing – every natural phenomenon is experienced up close. And the longer opening hours in summer are adapted to the later sunsets.

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L.L./ How would you describe the style of Tannenhütte?

A.H./ The hut’s interior is also authentic, the style is simple and clear. All of the woods that were used are untreated; the tables, for example, have tops made from maple, which has always been common in inns. And the term ‘feelgood climate’ is particularly fitting here: in winter the temperature inside Tannenhütte is not too cold and in summer it doesn’t get too hot. It’s an atmospheric building, which is why our slogan is ‘regional indulgence for all the senses’.

„The entire hut is built from fir wood!“

Our guests are supposed to stay, enjoy, and have fun. And it doesn’t matter whether that’s hikers, cyclists, tobogganists, children – who like to frolick on our natural playground – or culture fans. The latter will certainly enjoy our art objects as well as music events. And all guests will find us easy to reach: the shortest way is the one up from Partenkirchen and it takes only half an hour – but of course the tour can be varied and extended, too.

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„Our kitchen’s motto is: cooking as sustainably and regionally as possible.“

L.L./ A hut wouldn’t be complete without regional products and traditional delicacies. What culinary treats can the guests expect?

A.H./ Our kitchen’s motto is: cooking sustainably and as regionally as possible while offering modern and traditional elements. Our menu includes Kaspressknödel (a cheesy bread dumpling) and Kaiserschmarren (a type of fluffy pancake) as well as newly interpreted variations, such as the Tannenhüttenschmarren with blueberries, whipped cream, and ice cream. Aside from that we serve salads and game from the local forests alongside hearty side dishes.

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„...a truly magical place to tie the knot!“

L.L./ Tannenhütte can also be rented for hut evenings and exclusive events. Do you do weddings, too?

A.H./ Yes, we do. Aside from company events and birthday celebrations we also host weddings on our terrace – a magical place for tying the knot!

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© Anna Hertle

L.L./ When is Tannenhütte at its most beautiful?

A.H./ I think every time of the day or the year has its special appeal. In the mornings you can hear the sheeps’ and the cows’ bells and the birdsong and that’s just as beautiful as the sunset that makes the mountains glow. In winter it gets super cosy when you get to look at the snow from indoors and in spring and autumn you look down on a sea of clouds as the fog descends on Garmisch-Partenkirchen.

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