That’s how you make a shoe
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That’s how you make a shoe

Strolz sports and fashion house

A tailor-made ski boot, “Made in Vorarlberg”, and produced in a single day: the traditional family enterprise in Lech makes it possible. Almost a 100 years of experience flow into the production which, even with the latest technologies, still is all manual work. And one that takes place entirely in the popular Austrian ski resort while using materials from the region. That is really something. No wonder the Strolz ski boot is a legend.

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Many skiers complain about pain on their shins or ankles when they wear ski boots. But it doesn’t have to be that way and can be avoided by adapting the shoe perfectly to the foot’s anatomy. The better the fit, the better the power transmission to the ski. And, consequently, the wearer is out on the slopes feeling safer and more comfortable.

That is why Strolz Sport und Mode has been making tailor-made and custom-fit ski boots in their own manufacture since 1921. If you come in in the morning you’ll have your pair in the evening. Because every foot is different, every shoe is unique. Customers first speak to a specialist and then they choose their desired model.

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Aside from the boot types Racing Blue and Racing Black which have proven themselves over the years, the model Evolution was added in two varieties: Evolution Sport for the most daring pros. And Evolution Comfort for those who value comfort above all. Both are available from women and men in sizes 37 to 47.5.

With the 3D process the foot is scanned and analysed. At the same time the data for the production of the insole is collected. With this data the shoe can now be produced. The future owner does not have to be present for it, they can take a look around the fashion department at Strolz in the meantime. Or how about a pair of new sports or designer glasses? Or a hand-made traditional costume cardigan made from merino wool by the Lower Bavarian label Astrifa? Upon request the purchases will be delivered straight to the hotel.

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Meanwhile, in the workshop: the pros adapt the ski boot shell to the wearer’s foot using wooden strips. The inshoe is adapted to the shoe size and foot shape. Nappa cowhide combined with merino wool snugly wraps the foot and ensures a comfortable climate inside the shoe.

When it’s time for foaming the customer rejoins the team because now certain areas in the shoe where mobility is necessary are padded with foam to avoid bruising. The shoe is given its character, its own personality, if you will. After 12 hours of drying time the shoe can be tried out on the slopes. And that moment often marks the beginning of a deep love which – at least as far as the material goes – will easily last for ten years.

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Strolz also run a ski rental with six hire stations in Lech, Zürs, and Stuben (cross-country skis are available in the Kaufhaus-Filomena passage right by the trail). Naturally, maintenance and repair of the skiing gear is part of the range of services as well. Whether the edges need sharpening, the ski needs wax or adjusting – thanks to decades of experience the service team knows exactly what you need for a successful day of skiing, and they always have the current snow and weather conditions in mind, too. Those who would rather buy skis than rent them get to test them for three days before buying.

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