The very top!
© Zugspitz Region GmbH, Erika Spengler

The very top!

200 kilometres, 6,800 altitude metres: the peak hiking path is an all-round success

The Zugspitz-region has an all-new long-distance hiking trail: the so-called Spitzenwanderweg (= peak hiking path) is divided into 12 legs and can be tackled from each end, but dividing it into shorter chunks for weekend tours or day trips is also possible. Varied nature and lived tradition make the 200 kilometres an athletic and cultural discovery tour.

It’s all in the mix

The legs of this circular hiking trail include flat stretches, alpine surroundings, shady forest paths, and cultural specialties that make sure every hiker can find the perfect route through the beautiful Zugspitz region for them. Those who choose to do the entire trail should hike clock-wise and plan their start and finish in Murnau.

Enjoying nature and culture

The first leg spans 21 kilometres and leads from Murnau to Eschenlohe; starting in Murnau’s idyllic pedestrian area. Along the ridge and up the Loisach river the panoramic view of the Alps is just stunning. A trip to the Heldenkreuz monument rewards hikers with more unique views.

Laloupe spitzenwanderweg 2 eschenlohe oberau

© Zugspitz Region GmbH, Erika Spengler

Climbing up or down from 210 metres or to 90 metres and over 16.3 kilometres – that’s the second leg from Eschenlohe to Garmisch-Partenkirchen. The Zugspitz massif is always visible, the path leads past seven springs and – for those who want it – past the pilgrimage church of St. Anton. The way down leads directly to Garmisch-Partenkirchen or to the main road.

After the start in Garmisch-Partenkirchen the next stage finish is Krün. The highlight of this 25-kilometre stage that covers 750 altitude metres is the hike through the stunning Partnachklamm gorge and to Eckbauer. Impressive views along the way include the Elmauer-Alm hut, Kranzbach castle and the view of the Karwendel range.

Laloupe spitzenwanderweg 4 lakeiensteig

© Zugspitz Region GmbH, Erika Spengler

Starting with the fourth stage from Krün, the peak hiking trail covers 830 altitude metres and becomes decidedly more alpine. Following the Isar river and across the challenging Lakeiensteg up to Soierhaus at 1,611 altitude metres or towards mountain the lakes.

Laloupe spitzenwanderweg 5 soiernseen

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On the fifth stage 21.5 kilometres and 590 altitude metres from Soierhaus to Mittenwald have to be overcome. The reward? Stunning views of the two Soiersee lakes and the peaks of Karwendel range. Going down there are several possibilities for reaching Mittenwald.

In the footsteps of King Ludwig II. the sixth leg continues from Mittenwald to Schachenhaus. 15 kilometres, 1,215 metres uphill and 270 metres downhill are all part of this stage that permits a more leisurely pace. Lautersee and Ferchersee lakes, Wettersteinalm, and King Ludwig’s Schachenschloss castle all make for picturesque motifs.

Laloupe spitzenwanderweg 7 reintal

© Zugspitz Region GmbH, Erika Spengler

The seventh and probably most alpine stage is the 11.5-kilometre hike from Schachenhaus through Reintal valley and on to Kreuzeck – where 710 metres up and 930 metres downhill have to be covered. Views down into the valley and all the way to the ragged peaks certainly make up for the challenging hike. The path is steep and partly exposed. The terrace of Kreuzeckhütte marks an energizing finale.

Those who choose the eigth stage, the twelve-kilometre hike from Kreuzeck to Grainau, will enjoy views of Zugspitze and hike through the rough Höllentalklamm gorge.

Laloupe spitzenwanderweg 9 abzweigung

© Zugspitz Region GmbH, Erika Spengler

The 20.5 kilometres of the ninth leg from Grainau to Lindenhof castle mostly lead through forests and open up views of Zugspitze and the ragged rock formations of Rauhenstein.

Laloupe sptitzenwanderweg 10 schaflahnerkopf

© Zugspitz Region GmbH, Erika Spengler

The wonderful nature continues to amaze along the tenth stage, from Lindenhof castle to Unterammergau. 11.1 kilometres and 660 or 770 altitude metres have to be covered on this day.

The three Hörnle mountains are part of the penultimate stage that is all about seeing and climbing peaks. The path to Kohlgrub spans eleven kilometres.

Laloupe spitzenwanderweg 12 staffelsee

© Zugspitz Region GmbH, Erika Spengler

The longest and last leg leads from Bad Kohlgrub to Murnau, but along the 27.1 kilometres only 140 altitude metres need to be overcome. The idyllic alpine upland with Staffelsee lake, moors, Rieden and Seehausen castles all lie along the path. The centre of Murnau marks the end of the stage and the finale of this breathtaking tour.

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