A village full of beautiful contrast

A visit in Kampen on the island of Sylt

For many it’s love at first sight! Endless sandy beaches, vast stretches of heath and the sounds of the sea – a visit in Kampen on the island of Sylt really is a short trip for your soul. A welcome change of scenery and inspiration for new adventures. La Loupe went in search of the most beautiful facets the North Sea island has to offer and was truly enchanted by Kampen’s magical feel. 

Six kilometres of sand invite you to stroll along the beach, warm sand between your toes and cold water that washes over your feet. Relax and sunbathe in one of the comfy beach baskets and enjoy the view of the two seas: The wild, open sea and the vast tidal flats. A highlight for both locals and guests. The rolling dunes provide breathtaking views of the North Sea and the beautiful heathen landscape. 109 stairs lead up to the viewing platform on Kampen’s Uwe-dune, Sylt’s highest peak. At 52.2 metres you can enjoy the best view of the island!

La Loupe Kampen 3

In 2009 the tidal flats were added to the UNESCO world heritage list. The landscape is shaped by the tides and is one of our planet’s most original habitats and the biggest ecosystem of its kind in the world – you can discover it during a fascinating hike through the tidal flats.

A hike across the island reveals the fascinating and diverse flora: Arnica blooms in orange-yellow, dog roses are bright pink and the island’s famous symbol, sea holly, can also be admired. 

Tracing history

Guests wander on the traces of history in and around Kampen. The arts- and culture path provides insight into the life of artists, writers, publishers and public personas that have shaped and inspired Kampen. 32 memorials lead the way and show you comfy spots on the North Sea island. During individual guided tours through Kampen and the region all those who are interested can discover more about the small village’s many facets. 

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Culinary Kampen

The tranquil North Sea destination offers a great variety of gastronomic highlights. Rustic fare, haute cuisine, extravagant food and traditional dishes – Kampen is perfect for both epicures and avid fans of Fischbrötchen (=rolls with pickled herring). The international gourmet festival from January 18 to 21 invites guest chefs from several Mediterranean islands to pay Kampen a culinary visit.

The legendary whisky mile at Kampen’s centre is perfect for a nightcap and popular with young and old. Odin, Pony, Gogärtchen and Rauchfang invite you to come in and dance the night away – occasionally they even attract national and international jetsetters.

Summer highlight: Kampen Jazz by Till Brönner. 2,500 guests in high spirits enjoy the open-air festival with numerous famous musicians and the host and exceptional talent Till Brönner. A truly wonderful experience!

One thing is for sure: Kampen starts as a short flirt and quickly turns into everlasting love. No other place unites this many facets in such a small space: Up North exclusivity meets cosmopolitan flair and mundane spirit meets comfy, rural atmosphere. It’s this very special charm, this certain ‘Kampen-feeling’ that guests feel for a long time after their visit. 

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