Mehr als Hopfen und Malz
Felix Gmachl ©Die Weisse

Mehr als Hopfen und Malz

Interview mit Geschäftsführer und Braumeister Felix Gmachl, Die Weisse

1901, als es in Österreich noch üblich war, starke Bockbiere zu produzieren, präsentierte Adelbert Behr in Salzburg eine Innovation: ein leichtes Weissbier – und läutete damit gleichzeitig ein neues Bierzeitalter ein. Heute trägt Die Weisse stolz den Titel „älteste Weissbierbrauerei Österreichs“ und ist somit ein echtes Salzburger Urgestein. Aber eines, das mittlerweile auch am Arlberg heimisch geworden ist. Felix Gmachl, Geschäftsführer und Braumeister von Die Weisse, spricht im La Loupe-Interview über seine starke Verbindung zu Lech Zürs und über neue Brauprojekte.

„Schon meine Großeltern statteten Lech jeden Winter einen Besuch ab.“

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©Die Weisse

L.L./ Mr Gmachl, you have been coming to Lech to ski since you were a child. Does it feel like coming home when you visit the Arlberg in the winter?

F.G./ Yes, absolutely. Even my grandparents would come to Lech every winter and now we grandchildren still follow that passion for skiing on Arlberg.

L.L./ Founded in 1901, your wheat beer brewery looks back on more than 100 years of tradition. Your beer is well known beyond our borders – and it has many fans on Arlberg, too. Why is it that Die Weisse is so popular here?

F.G./ The long-standing tradition and the focus on quality and indulgence are a philosophy that we share with the Arlberg. Aside from that wheat beer is the perfect beverage. It has many vitamins and micronutrients which makes it ideal after a tiring day on the slopes of the Arlberg, it helps you replenish and gather new strength. Just like in Lech Zürs tradition and quality are the basis of our success.

„Wir haben uns seit 1901 stets auf die Produktion eines perfekten Weissbieres spezialisiert.“

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©Die Weisse
„Die lange Tradition und der Fokus auf Qualität und Genuss verbindet uns sehr stark mit der Philosophie des Artbergs.“

L.L./ Culinary experiences and indulgence are recurring themes in Lech. Which dish goes perfectly with Die Weisse?

F.G./ Our wheat beer has a nice fruity taste – and yet it’s still zesty. Which makes it perfect for meat dishes but also fish and salads.

L.L./ At the moment you have nine different beers on offer. What types of beer lovers are you seeking to attract?

F.G./ Since 1901 we have always been focused on creating the perfect wheat beer. Meanwhile we have the original from 1901 as well as a few other types. The variety depends on the consumers’ needs.

F.G./ One product I would like to talk about in particular is our line of organic and gluten free beers. We have been making an organic gluten free wheat beer since 2015 which tastes almost the same as the original. And since then people with celiac disease and gluten sensitivity have been able to enjoy our wheat beer, too. Up until then it had been a complete no-go for those people! And we are still the only producers on the entire beer market to offer such a product. I must admit that that does make me a little proud.

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©Die Weisse
„Unser Weissbier schmeckt angenehm fruchtig – und trotzdem spritzig.“

L.L./ You’re not just the manager, you’re also the master brewer. What does a beer need to withstand your taste test?

F.G./ It has to make you want another sip. When it comes to taste that’s the simplest and only rule for me, really.

L.L./ You are known for your wheat beers. Are you planning on making Pilsener and Märzen, too? What are your visions for the future?

F.G./ I would like to focus more on our organic line and maybe also work with different types of grain but at the same time I would never neglect our tradition and our classic types.

F.G./ For our original store “Die Weisse” in Salzburg we brew a Märzen called “Salzburger hell”. But we’re not actually planning to go more in that direction. Our focus and our specialisation definitely are the production of wheat beer.

"Die Weisse wurde im gleichen Jahr wie der Ski-Club Arlberg gegründet: 1901."

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©Die Weisse

Die Weisse

Seit 1901 widmet sich die Salzburger Brauerei Die Weisse dem Brauhandwerk. 2015 übernahm Felix Gmachl den Familienbetrieb und führt nicht nur die Braukunst nach altem Rezept fort, sondern entwickelt auch innovative Rezepte, wie ein glutenfreies Bio-Weissbier. Ausgewählte Rohstoffe und behutsame Reifung sind die Grundlage des duftig-leichten Weissbiers mit fruchtigem Aroma und schaumiger Krone.

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