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About Us

La Loupe Magazine

La Loupe is more than an attractive magazine with a compact guide to wonderful destinations. La Loupe is a unique brand. A design world in which style-conscious trendsetters and connoisseurs with an eye for detail feel at home.

The bilingual magazine (German / English), is brimming with exciting stories and fascinating pictures, it delights people all over the world. La Loupe introduces an international, urban readership to local particularities that want to be discovered.

The carefully selected content and the lovingly, elegant design convince both online and in the print edition.

Behind La Loupe are Benjamin and Julia Skardarasy, as well as a team of creative people who are crazy about quality and who have made it their business to share their passion and experience. Unique magazines have been created by Benjamin & Julia Skardarasy for guests and locals since 2011. La Loupe - the unusual magazine & guide.

Benjamin und Julia Skardarasy La Loupe

“Our everyday life is traveling, because we are curious and like to communicate. We are 100 percent La Loupe - and vice versa. ”

Benjamin & Julia Skardarasy (Editors La Loupe)