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Skardarasy's La Loupe

A sixth sense for all things beautiful. For more than eleven years it has been guiding us, Julia & Benjamin Skardarasy, to those places where we may indulge in what we appreciate most - pure enjoyment.

It is a well-known fact that we value uncompromising quality, international standards, and harmonious details above all else, and that we react less favourably to is stylistic inconsistency meant to trick the senses. Which is why, aside from a warm smile, the main criterion to be met on our search for the golden cut is a sense of style that ensures visual harmony and our inner comfort while travelling.

La Loupe enjoys a large following of readers: international, faithful, and selective. Readers and advertising clients alike can trust La Loupe's content - both on- and offline. Content that is created and published with understanding, style, and expertise. A personal selection we make with ease - while always accompanied by zeitgeist. And it is this zeitgeist that lets us see the past, the present, and the future as one. Consequently, what we trust in most - aside from all the online tools we use - is the classic print magazine which combines style and trend in one harmonious package far from off-the-rack design.

La Loupe offers more than advertising,

La Loupe gives you a feeling of satisfaction.

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"It's simply about focusing on the beautiful things in life with design and sensitivity."

Benjamin & Julia Skardarasy

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