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A hotel for kids aged 21 and over

During this interview Josef Schwaiger from Boutique-Hotel SEPP and Benjamin Skardarasy did not just meet as former colleagues from university but also as two people who feel it is their calling to upend old traditions. What stands out right away is the silver caravan on the roof. Then the swing sets on the balconies, the display windows on the corridors to the guest rooms and the tree in the atrium. By now one thing is clear: boutique hotel SEPP in Maria Alm is extraordinary. Exceptional. Or, better still: exSEPPtional. Architect and name giver Josef “Sepp” Schwaiger found his creative playground here and in doing so created a space for special encounters. Only recently the hotel celebrated its first birthday with a truly fabulous party – in the refurbished, loft-like attic, of course, the house’s very heart. And this is also where the hotelier’s La Loupe interview took place.

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