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artHotel Blaue Gans

The art hotel and its very own style of luxury.

The Blaue Gans is the oldest inn in the city of Salzburg. Its proud history spans 670 years, and the delicately blue-shimmering building, located in the heart of the Old Town, directly on Getreidegasse, stands out like a precious jewel – a historical heritage that, thanks to the sensitive redesign by owner Andreas Gfrerer, continues to be palpable in the tastefully decorated premises.

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"From the oldest inn in Salzburg to the first artHotel: The history of the building, combined with its contemporary design and impressive artworks, gave us a delightful 'goosebumps' feeling."
Benjamin & Julia Skardarasy | Editors La Loupe


Through the winding historic corridors with their deep door beams, you enter the hotel's total of 35 rooms and suites, where not only the interventions by artworks of all kinds but also the design of the rooms themselves turn the house into a livable artwork – a composition of exquisite craftsmanship and high-quality design elements. Owner Andreas Gfrerer has successfully managed the balancing act of creating a sophisticated temporary home that still feels cozy.

© artHotel Blaue Gans

Special Features | Highlights

No question, the art at the Blaue Gans is both a highlight and an everyday visual delight. It's the fundamental principle of the place. Artworks from the owner's private collection grace every corner, whether they are originals or personal treasures. You'll encounter pieces by renowned artists such as Joseph Beuys, Gilbert & George, or Tobias Rehberger, as well as installations like the stuffed rabbit by artist Benjamin Heisenberg, which, at the push of a button, wags its bushy tail to rock 'n' roll music. With more than 140 contemporary works, the house may not be a gallery, but it's a "gigantic treasure chest" that guests can discover and enjoy to their heart's content.

Culinary Delights | Restaurant | Bar

Authenticity and genuineness are at the heart of the establishment, and you can certainly sense this on Max Sampl's menu. In the in-house restaurant, he and his team delight guests with dishes crafted from Alpine ingredients, combined with flavors from the south, and refined with house-made or carefully selected products along the Salzburg-Venice route. A fine selection from the wine archive, a well-crafted Negroni at the Campari bar, and the attentive service staff complete the culinary experience at the Blaue Gans.

© artHotel Blaue Gans
"The Blaue Gans is like a cabinet of wonders. If I were a guest in our hotel, I would love to stroll through the centuries-old corridors and let myself be inspired by the art that can be discovered in every corner."
Andreas Gfrerer | Host & Owner

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