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La Loupe is more than an attractive magazine & guide to wonderful destinations. La Loupe is a unique brand. A design world in which style-conscious trendsetters and connoisseurs in love with detail feel at home.

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A visual highlight

Each course is a small work of art, presented like a painting. And each bite is a delicious interplay of different aromas. Chefs de cuisine Christian Rescher and Markus Niederwanger regularly produce culinary gourmet fireworks at the award-winning gourmet restaurant of Hotel Aurelio in Lech. Arlberg cuisine at its best! The dream team of Natural Art Cuisine not only knows how to stylishly deconstruct itself and create new things; it also knows how to have a good conversation and share its knowledge. During their cooking classes participants get to observe, wonder, create, and – of course – enjoy every bite of the result!

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