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FourElements - Living by Berger

A house in the greenery all to itself

Bold architecture and exclusive interior design: FourElements – Living by Berger interprets the elements of fire, water, air, and earth with four unique houses. Nestled in the untouched nature between the Gesäuse and Kalkalpen National Parks, high above the Salza River, this retreat offers its discerning guests a unique holiday experience. No matter the season you visit the "Adults Only" hideaway hosted by Hermann Berger – whether it's to witness the awakening of nature in spring, enjoy the warm summer days, immerse in the vibrant colors of autumn, or experience the serene white landscape of winter – this unique sanctuary exudes its individual charm in every season.

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"Hermann Berger combines appealing architecture with nature-inspired luxury in the highly stylish houses of Air, Water, Kingfisher, and Fire. An unbeatable combination for a perfect escape from everyday life."
Julia & Benjamin Skardarasy | Editors La Loupe


Slowing down and recharging, that's what the four luxurious houses promise, and they don't disappoint: Spread across 96 square meters, they feature bedrooms, a living room, a dining room with a fireplace, a kitchen, and a bathroom. The exclusive use of local materials such as linen, natural stone, wood, and wicker creates a cozy and comfortable atmosphere, while the large, floor-to-ceiling panoramic windows offer breathtaking views of the impressive natural surroundings. With great attention to detail, Hermann Berger and his sister Gabriele Berger have created different retreats, each varying in color and interior design according to the respective element. While shades of blue dominate in the 'Water' house and 'Kingfisher' house, in harmony with the nearby Salza river, the 'Fire' house highlights the warming effects of the element with rich red hues. In the 'Earth' house, natural tones create the illusion of blending seamlessly with the environment.

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Special Features | Highlights | Spa

Nestled in the woods, perched above a roaring river and a 60-meter deep gorge, staying here comes with the advantage of having outdoor activities like hiking, mountain biking, climbing, or rafting right at your doorstep. And after a day filled with adrenaline and thrilling experiences in nature, the spa treatments, private yoga spaces, a personal hot tub, and a private sauna on the ground floor of the houses offer relaxation and rejuvenation. The team led by Gabriele and Hermann Berger is dedicated 24/7 to fulfilling the guests' wishes – should there be any.

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Culinary Delights | Restaurant | Bar

At precisely 8 o'clock, breakfast arrives in a lovingly packed basket, delivered in a wooden box filled with regional delights such as fruits, vegetables, yogurt, cold cuts, cheese, and fresh pastries right to your house. Here, you'll find a kitchen equipped to perfection down to the last detail, inviting not only amateur chefs but also the option for a private chef to prepare a delicious dinner on-site if desired. Alternatively, each house provides a menu from which guests can order multi-course meals or grill boxes from one of the partner restaurants.

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"Sitting in the chair in front of the large glass window, turning off my phone, pouring a glass of wine, and savoring the unique view!"
Hermann Berger | Host

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