Genussdorf Gmachl
© Patrick Langwallner

Genussdorf Gmachl

A village full of homemade delights

Back in 1787 everything was still very much down to earth. Carters with their horses were looking for shelter and sustenance for both, animal and man. Back then travellers already met up in Bergheim where they were able to recover from the toils of their everyday lives – they refreshed their body, mind, and soul and recharged their batteries.

Maybe that's why the indulgent village of Gmachl with its rural yet urban flair still seems to live by the principles of bucolic life: stay down to earth, respect nature, value people, and preserve what's authentic. Natural materials, genuine raw products, honest relationships. Beautiful living spaces, comfortable rooms, a Vitarium Spa full of refreshments, an haute cuisine inn, a village grocer, FRANZ village inn, and a brewer and butcher in the same house.

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