Duftende Erinnerungen
Mirjam Wolf ©Steffi Putz 2018

Duftende Erinnerungen

Interview mit Mirjam Wolf von Resa Wants

„Als mir meine liebe Tante Isabella von den Eigenschaften und Wirkungen der Alpenkräuter erzählte, war ich erstaunt – über ihr umfangreiches Pflanzenwissen, und auch über die Pflanzen selbst“, sagt Mirjam Wolf von der Pflegelinie Resa Wants. So wurde ihr Interesse für jene Seifen und Lotionen geweckt, die wahre Schätze für Körper, Geist und Seele sind. Im Interview weiht uns Mirjam Wolf in die Geheimnisse hinter Resa Wants ein und erklärt auch, warum ihre Produkte ideale Mitbringsel sind.

​„Die Affinität zu Kräutern liegt in der Familie.“

L.L./ You and your family run the guesthouse Alpenfluh in Lech and it’s there that you have been offering the line of cosmetic products Resa Wants since 2018. How did you come up with that idea?

M.W./ I had long been looking for a cosmetics line that would meet my own personal demands and go with the Alpenfluh’s very simplistic bathrooms. And because I found nothing particularly interesting on the market I came up with the idea of making my own products. Our guests’ response was extremely positive, Isabelle Burger from Hotel Berghof immediately shared their enthusiasm, and so it was decided: Resa Wants would find a place not just at Alpenfluh but also in many other special and passionately furbished places.

M.W./ The passion for herbs runs in the family. Each year my parents will go out and collect wild herbs for teas that we offer at the guesthouse. Our kitchen only uses our own home-made herb salt. My aunt Isabella is our alchemist. Thanks to her comprehensive knowledge we are able to tell you something about each of the eight different herbs used in our products. The properties that plants have are truly astonishing! Some of them are very gentle, others more powerful. And together they are the perfect mixture to protect and strengthen. They are a great team and for our lotions we’ve decided to combine them with high-quality oils made from sunflower seeds and apricot kernels

„Gemeinsam ergeben die Kräuter die perfekte Mischung aus Schützen und Stärken.“

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©Steffi Putz 2018
„Wir haben ein pures, authentisches Produkt entwickelt.“

L.L./ Yarrow, wild carrot, St. John’s wort, sweet clover, great yellow gentian, arnica, balm, and meadowsweet – these eight herbs are in Resa Wants. What’s your philosophy?

M.W./ My soap and my lotion are supposed to be more than just a cosmetic product. They are more like feelgood products that remind you of fresh mountain air, of the good times in Lech, and a place of relaxation. Aside from that they are appealing accessories everyone wants to see on their sink. For us they have become daily companions that stand for our close connection with the Alps.

M.W./ I think that the classic souvenir is totally outdated. Of course, I can only speak for myself: I personally love being given products that I can use, like regional delicacies or spa amenities – as opposed to trinkets that may be given with sweet intention but end up sitting around without reason. And I do think that my attitude is in line with today’s zeitgeist.

„Die klassischen Urlaubsgeschenke sind meiner Meinung nach Schnee von gestern.“

L.L./ Tell us more about your products, what are they like?

M.W./ All Resa Wants products are unisex, vegan, and made in Austria. We have developed a pure authentic product that creates a logical connection with our home because of its ingredients. It’s good for us and contains pure hydrolates and herb extracts that occur naturally on the Arlberg. They are combined with apple juice, apricot kernel and sunflower seed oil to form somewhat tangy and stimulating fragrances. Any they all come from guaranteed organic sources.

„Meine Seife und die Lotion sollen mehr als ein reines Kosmetikum sein. Sie sind viel mehr Wohlfühlprodukte, die an die frische Bergluft erinnern.“

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Resa Wants | Herbal Soap ©Steffi Putz 2018
„Resa Wants ist unisex, vegan und wird in Österreich hergestellt.“

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