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Outdoor living

Fischer Möbel

Why relax indoors when you could be sitting comfortably outside, too? Fischer Möbel outdoor solutions are perfect for creating unique and comfy oases in the fresh air.

Fischer Möbel is one of the leading producers of high-quality outdoor furniture. With their mix of solid design, excellent materials, and highest practicality, the Swabian company has been a benchmark in outdoor living trends for more than three decades. With the right furniture selection, living outdoors can be pure relaxation, too. In his interview manager Will Seyfang shares what new trends there are and how Lech Zürs has a part in the company’s designs.

L.L./ Your family has been in the furniture production business for almost 100 years. What guiding criteria do you and your design team follow when working on new furniture – personal taste or trends? How would you describe your house’s own style?

W.S./ Fischer Möbel received its first design award back in 1992 and the company is generally known as a trend setter. Our major goal is to figure out the coming years’ material trends and apply them to new designs. In order to do that, we speak with designers, clients, and go to international fairs. Once we’ve found the right material or the right material mix, our designers develop creative suggestions which are then discussed in our team. We describe our design style as modern and value-oriented. Which means that we make furniture that is long-lasting and unique – both, in terms of product quality, and design.

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“We describe our design style as modern and value-oriented.”
Will Seyfang

L.L. / Your company is one of the leading producers of high-quality outdoor furniture and you stand for quality, innovative design, and durability. How do you make sure that your collections withstand wind and weather and still look beautiful after years of use?

W.S./ We only use the best materials. Which, of course, is not enough. All materials have to be suited to the high requirements for outdoor use. What helps us here is the extensive experience we base our strict quality standards and quality assurance methods on. We also value open and trusting collaborations with our qualified partners. That means we use only rustproof metals such as stainless steel and aluminium for the frames and fully dyed outdoor fabrics for covering and cushions. In case of lounge furniture like Flora, Luna, and Kairos the traditional cushion design guarantees excellent sitting comfort for decades. The padding is covered in a waterproof inlet to make sure the furniture really remains weather-resistant.

©Fischer Möbel GmbH

L.L. / With its beautiful nature and exclusive atmosphere, Lech Zürs is a place to relax and therefore fulfils a purpose similar to your furniture. What connects you with the place and what is it that makes it so special?

W.S. / “Time” as the most valuable commodity – indulgence in this place of dreams, indulgence with Fischer Möbel. We have appreciated Lech Zürs as a destination for recharging our batteries in summer and winter for decades. Our sons Nico and Stefan learned to ski here, and we have made lasting, beautiful memories.

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“We also value open and trusting collaborations with our qualified partners.”
Will Seyfang

L.L. / Sitting outside when it’s cold can seem a bit odd – but in Lech Zürs it is very normal. How does one turn a terrace into a cosy space for winter?

W.S. / Our upholstered furniture can be used year-round and also in cold weather. Once the sun comes out the seating surface heats up quickly, and the cushioning protects you from the cold. When it’s damp or rainy, we recommend our tried and tested protective hoods. They are sure to keep your furniture dry until the next sunny day.

L.L. / With its innumerable terraces Lech Zürs is a kind of runway for your industry. Do you like to find inspiration for new designs here?

W.S. / The terraces and the wellness areas in Lech are often very inspiring. One idea we got here, for example, was to offer the new Claris series in dark bronze, to match the natural hues around Lech Zürs. And we also incorporated the wish for stackable chairs in this collection. Plus, we developed our relaxing tiltable “Atlantic” lounger for the wellness area – with matching design.

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“We have appreciated Lech Zürs as a destination for recharging our batteries in summer and winter for decades.”
Will Seyfang

Wordrap with Will Seyfang

Furniture must-haves for garden/terrace? Flexible lounge systems that can function as personal places of retreat and are easily turned into a space for family and friends with just a few adjustments.

Furniture should ... always be of the highest quality and from sustainable producers.

The company philosophy in three words: Fun, enthusiasm, inspiration.

The biggest challenge when designing outdoor furniture … Unique design in excellent outdoor quality without compromising on comfort.

This is where I find inspiration for new ideas … Hanging out in our Kairos Lounge in our garden, or in one of the Mediterranean destinations we sail to on our yacht.


The family-owned company from Schlierbach has been shaping gardens and terraces all over the world since 1985. Their designs turned the company into a forerunner for cosy outdoor furniture at a time when people were still sitting in wobbly garden chairs and a swing seat was considered the height of luxury. Fischer Möbel is an established name in the industry and their designs stand for exclusive and enjoyable living and relaxation.

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