“The right to conviviality”
Allmeinde commongrounds and Kunstraum Zug

“The right to conviviality”

With the increasing threat to shared natural resources the significance of the term commons in the public discourse has grown strongly. In the Alps, the term “Allme(i)nde” has been known for centuries as the living practice of a cooperative appropriation of natural resources like water, pastures, and forest by way of a defined group that makes and invigilates its own rules. Nowadays the commons are once more considered a contemporary model of “politics beyond market and state” (Silke Helfrich).

Very early on, in the year 2000, Gerold and Katia Schneider founded a small culture initiative in Lech that sees itself as a trans-disciplinary thinking space and forum for discussion.

La Loupe asked Katia and Gerold Schneider to talk about the motivation, history, and future of their initiative:

The idea for allmeinde commongrounds as a cultural initiative is much older than its name. It has been with me since my early days as a student where it not at all clear that I would one day end up taking over my parents’ farm Almhof.

The idea stemmed from an early need for orientation and reflexion through dialogue, not least from the utopia of designing one’s living space together – something I feel strongly connected to.

Thinking about one’s own living space, the community of others, seemed like quite a plausible task for my life.

Together with Katia the project of “a house for the Alps” first came into existence through her thesis in 1994 in Paris. The ideas we developed as part of this thesis basically contain everything that still moves us today.

We changed the name to allmeinde (the English counterpart to commongrounds) thanks to a friend: he pointed us in the direction of Ivan Illich’s work “The right to conviviality”.

With the unexpected return to my home, the focal areas of our work ended up moving strongly towards hotel and architecture.

We always thought “dialogue needs a (physical) space”. Which is why, back in 2000, the first construction phase of the allmeinde barn in a “disused stable” began. Expansion and finish took place in 2005/6.

Since then, a variety of projects was created, initially with a strong focus on music, but now mostly on visual art.

In the original idea of allmeinde art is anchored only as a part, however.

In order to better do the idea justice and to “outsource” the exhibition activities we now created KUNSTRAUM ZUG which will open this year. There will be two parallel exhibitions right away, before allmeinde will once again return to its roots. Which means that for the time being this might be the last exhibition.

In Zug, on the other hand, where my father’s mother’s side is from, we want to dedicate ourselves more to topics of art and handicraft in the coming years.

Allmeinde Walter Niedermayr c Walter Niedermayr 4

Allmeinde Walter Niedermayr c Walter Niedermayr

Allmeinde Walter Niedermayr c Walter Niedermayr

Exhibition Kunstraum Zug

Bruno Gironcoli (1936 – 2010) occupied of the most influential positions in Austrian contemporary art. His oeuvre describes the highly personal cosmos which occupies a special position as part of the creation of contemporary art. Everyday items become artistic objects of projection, birth, parenthood, eros, violence, and sexuality become topics and in the form of a private mythology they

Exhibition at allmeinde commongrounds commongrounds

For the exhibition two artists from Vorarlberg, Christoph and Markus Getzner, came up with a new group of works: “The scope of human action and the long-term consequences of today’s actions for man, animal, and nature must be subject to reflection and, based on this, dealt with in the sense of cross-generational responsibility.”


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