Welcome by the lake
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Welcome by the lake

Whether it’s a crystal-clear mountain lake or an enchanted moor lake, boasting (culinary) entertainment or just pure nature: Salzburg’s lakes are as varied as their waters’ shades of blue. But, there is one thing they all have in common: you can simply bathe in their beauty.

The Salzburger Land region is famous for its lakes. Even the renowned folk singer Peter Alexander sang about it in “The White Horse Inn” by wonderful Wolfgangsee lake, as Romy Schneider strolled through the historic rooms of Fuschl castle. And the region actually has much more to offer than the famous Salzkammergut lakes. Be warned: already a few hours by Salzburg’s lakes can cause chronic yearning.

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The very first glimpse of Wolfgansee lake is truly breathtaking. Located in between Zwölferhorn and Schafberg, it is, without a doubt, one of the Salzburger Land’s most beautiful lakes. Wonderful: the promenade way from St. Gilgen to Gasthof Fürberg. Stroll along the water’s edge, take a dip in romantic bays, and enjoy a wonderful meal at the Fürberg inn afterwards.


Fuschlsee lake is nestled into the landscape of Salzkammergut region like a gem, it’s colours shimmer and vary from tropical turquoise to dark blue. A tip: rent a pedal boat at Edenberger’s Café and head out onto the lake. Once you get back to the lakeshore, all happy and relaxed, you can immediately enjoy fresh fish from the lake or scrumptious cakes while the waves lap softly at the shore.

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This lake is part of the Trumer lake scenery which is only about 20 kilometres from the city of Salzburg. A perfect day at Mattsee lake starts with breakfast at the Mattsee castle’s Schlosscafé which is located on a picturesque peninsula. Afterwards, during a stroll along the lakeshore, you’ll quickly find a cosy spot to relax.

Goldegger See

At lake Goldegger See visual and culinary pleasures go hand in hand. After having enjoyed the soothing waters of the moor lake, Sepp Schellhorn’s Seehof is the perfect spot to enjoy culinary delights. The two-star restaurant HECHT! r120 truly deserves its accolades.


This beautifully clean natural bathing lake is an insider tip among the lakes and it offers a pure natural experience. There are only three public bathing spots that offer direct access to the lake and even during midsummer it’s not terribly busy. Up until today rumours about Nazi-gold being hidden in the lake since the end of world war II stubbornly persist. Spectacular and definitely more than just a rumour: the miniature glacier near the lake, the so-called Eiskappel in Griessbachgraben valley.

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The largest lake of Salzburg’s alpine upland is relatively shallow and thus warms up quickly. Which makes Wallersee lake the perfect spot to start the bathing season, at Neumarkt Strandbad, for example, with its natural sandy beach. Restaurant Weyringer is the perfect spot for an excellent meal with a stunning view of the lake. The kitchen delivers excellent cuisine that boasts international influences.

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