Rebecca Clopath and Feuerring

New BBQ dimensions

Rebecca Clopath trained with Stefan Wiesner, a luminary in the area of avantgarde natural cuisine. The young chef was fascinated by Wiesner’s incredible knowledge about trees, herbs, myths, and chemical processes and these experiences influence her projects to this day.

Today Rebecca Clopath is praised all over Switzerland for her natural cuisine. Her philosophy is not to start in the kitchen but with the cultivation and animal husbandry. It’s important to her to make sure that there is a closed circuit – nature is fully integrated in all her dishes. And in her kitchen foods are processed in a way that conserves their original taste.

The two original Feuerring grills in the garden complement the natural cuisine with the element of fire. “For me the Feuerring combines alchemical natural cuisine with the Alps’ craftsmanship and culture”, says Rebecca Clopath.

©Dennis Savini
©Dennis Savini

Experience and indulgence

With its minimalist design the Feuerring is a basis for creative cooking. Sustainable material, easy to handle, any kind of preparation method is possible.

With Feuerring chef and guest can experience garden cuisine in its most pure form: it’s a type of cuisine that shows off the new dimension of grilling: simple, healthy, authentic, and delicious. Feuerring is more than just barbequing, it’s a philosophy of life: social and comfortable get-togethers around an authentic, archaic shape – like a modern fire pit. And delicious, healthy grilling on an aesthetically pleasing art object.

Rebecca Clopath ©Dennis Savini

Recipe: Feuerring pumpkin

Put the pumpkin next to the fire or the ambers and cook for three hours. Regularly move and check on it.


20g beechnuts with

10g butter on the Feuerring and add

30g of white sugar – keep stirring the mixture and add

1 pinch of coarse salt – keep stirring the mixture until in caramelizes

Put the caramelised nuts on a baking sheet and let them cool.

Remove the pumpkin from the fire and open it. Pour pumpkin seed oil and sour cream in a circular motion over the pumpkin halves and sprinkle with the chopped beechnuts.

©Daniela Kienzler
©Daniela Kienzler