Ready for you?

Ready for you?

Discover the return to body awareness and self-care with Katrin Oberrauner.

In both professional and personal life, having the right mindset is an essential component to be happy and successful. A clear awareness of one's own creative life force is the foundation for deep contentment and access to limitless freedom and inner peace. This is a state that seminar and workshop participants hope to achieve with the support of Katrin Oberrauner. As a dance educator, yoga instructor, and facilitator of systemic (family) constellations, she knows how to bring about an entirely new sense of well-being through her work.

Bidding farewell to stress and discovering inner peace and renewed energy – doesn't everyone want that? In Katrin Oberrauner's seminars, retreats, and one-on-one sessions, this can be achieved with playful ease, without any pressure. Whether in-person or online, participants learn to unfold themselves and let go of anything senseless and energy-draining. Her work is based on three forms of movement – Contact Improvisation, Integral Yoga, and systemic (family) constellations – which can be taught separately or combined as fusion seminars.

"To allow oneself to be carried by the flow of life and to live as one desires requires letting go of the past and accepting what is. Thankfully, our body reminds us time and again of the freedom and the necessity to move; consciously taking positions that help us liberate ourselves holistically from tension and attachments."
Katrin Oberrauner

In every beginning resides a magical essence.

It is never too late to listen to your own body. In listening and in the mindful exploration of the self, you can find the signposts to take control of your life and savor it to the fullest. With relaxation exercises, strength training, balance and stretching sessions, and great empathy, Katrin guides participants on their journey back to themselves! An experience that sharpens the focus on what truly matters and releases new energy, while simultaneously calming the mind and making the heart dance."

© Katrin Oberrauner
Inside Story

The new audio and e-book about the power of embodiment by Katrin Oberrauner provides a vivid insight into the method of embodiment, which you can immediately try for yourself through exercises for everyday life. Available for free listening and reading at:, this book offers an opportunity to delve deeper into the subject and take the first step in connecting with oneself.

Katrin Oberrauner offers a range of yoga retreats and 'Relax Seminars' throughout Austria and Croatia. Here are the current retreats in 2024:

She also organizes customized seminars and yoga classes for hotels, resorts, and companies upon request. Inquiries are accepted personally via email:"

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