Blaue Gans

The first and only Arthotel at Salzburg

As the city's oldest inn, Blaue Gans has been taking care of its guests from near and far for more than 650 years. The house is located in the hip museum quarter and recently an arthotel was added step by step. Now more than 120 works of art accompany the guests during their stay at Blaue Gans, thus making it a place of cultural exchange.

No room is like the other, the design is always adapted to the old building's charm - but there is something they all have in common: the stylish interior and high-quality materials. The excellent cuisine is characterised by its subtle presentation and the amazing skill behind it. From pasta to jams, everything is hand-made here. A definite must try: the fried chicken in a basket and the Tafelspitz (= boiled beef) that comes in a copper pot!