Life “in the castle”

Life “in the castle”

The Schlössle plot

A special gem located on a terrace above Oberlech, surrounded by sunny meadows – the Schlössle plot, situated at 1,750 altitude metres. According to documents its history allegedly dates back to the year 1660. But life “in the castle”, as it used to be called, was not as glamorous as the name would suggest…

Schlössle was always inhabited by Walser families, however there is no proof they were ever of noble origin, in spite of the name – which translates to “small castle”. The field name “Burg” (= fortress) and also “die Gruaba” (= the mine) finally pointed historians in the right direction: ore. And the explanation was quite simple. In mining villages such as Lech the houses of the foremen and even of the miners were given honorary titles such as “Schlössle”.

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At home in the Schlössle

In all those years Schlössle was home to many people. First documents point to a Johannes Beiser first having lived “in the castle” in 1660. Shortly thereafter Hans Huber came to own the house, 100 years later the plot went back to a Beiser: Johann Xaver Beiser, called Schlosshannes. He and his family of six lived on the plot and later he had to pawn off the house and the plot to Xaver Schuler. Xaver Schuler, a Walser himself, probably offered the Beiser family financial support in hard times – luckily the debt was repaid. Later Johann Christian Kessler and the Strolz family lived at Schlössle.

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The Muxel family

When Germana Strolz wed Josef Muxel, the Muxel family moved into Schlössle. The marriage was blessed with five children, the son Leopold took over the parents’ house and their Schlössle inn. Only recently Stefan Muxel of Mohnenfluh purchased the house from his cousin.

“What you inherit from your father must first be earned before it’s yours” – in accordance with this beautiful sentiment expressed by Goethe the Muxel family wants to lead its businesses, be it Mohnenfluh or the newly renovated Muxelhof, into a bright future. Life is good. In the castle.

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