Enjoying literature in Lech
© Literatursalon / Hotel Sonnenburg Fotografin Christine Andorfer

Enjoying literature in Lech

Literature at Hotel Sonnenburg

Finally! Holidays: check. Time for reading: check. Hotel Sonnenburg: checked-in.

Literature means something different to all of us: it can open a window to the world, help us switch off and relax, and not least serve as a long-lasting font of inspiration at Hotel Sonnenburg. The five-star hotel is the location of plots, living quarter of authors, and meeting point of writers, readers, and bright minds of all ages – in short, this is a place where language and literature are kept alive, everywhere and at any time. Lovers of the well-chosen word like to lean back, get comfy, and travel on the wings of inspiration: be it while browsing in one of the cosy reading nooks or during a reading.

© Literatursalon / Hotel Sonnenburg Fotografin Christine Andorfer

The house knows how to please book lovers

Hotel Sonnenburg is a meeting place where guests and word-jugglers get together, united by their common passion – the book! An aspect that is reflected in the programme, full of unlimited possibility, casual and always open for what’s new: top-class authors and newcomers take turns in creating captivating live listening experiences by reading from their latest publications; they give voice to the figures from their books and are happy to personally dedicate their works to fans during book signings. A true (cultural) indulgence in a small event that can also be accompanied by culinary delights for literature-loving gourmets.

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© Literatursalon / Hotel Sonnenburg Fotografin Christine Andorfer


Good stories and other selected delicacies.

Just how well these two things go together is illustrated through the exquisite cuisine of unique literary gourmet restaurant Textur. The term “devouring a book” gets a whole new meaning here. Unexpected and surprising: every dish tells a short story. Select and special. Inspired by literary specialties six courses are divided among ten chapters to create unforgettable culinary delights for all the senses. We kindly ask you to make a reservation.

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©Literatursalon Hotel Sonnenburg Fotografin Christine Andorfer

1 – 3 Dec 2023 Mr von Aster’s “Winterdichterdämmerung” or winter twilight poetry

8 Jan 2024 reading circle for children with Rüdiger Betram “Bookmän”

9 – 11 Jan 2024 “Ein Hotel liest ein Buch” (a hotel reads a book) with Luzia Stettler and Daniel Glattauer

10 Jan 2024 Reading with Rüdiger Betram, “Willkommen im Hotel Zur Grünen Wiese“ (welcome at the hotel Zur Grünen Wiese)

4 – 6 Feb 2024 Oberlech’s picture book days with Melanie Laibl

14 Mar 2024 Reading with Alina Lindermuth “Fremde Federn” (borrowed plumes)

1 Apr 2024 Reading with Petra Eimer "Und dann kam Juli" (and then there was Juli)

Please note: all readings take place in German

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