At the focus: the essence of being
© Tino Rischawy

At the focus: the essence of being

Calm. Quiet. Being only inside himself. Heart thumping. Tino waits for the skier to appear in the distance. And there it is, this one moment. The light, the angle, the moment – it’s all perfect. One click – and it’s captured! During winter the snow-covered peaks of the Arlberg are Tino Rischawy’s home where he has made it his mission to create unique snapshots of the people in front of his lens and capture them at exactly the right moment.

For Tino, it’s not just about pushing a button. He focuses on every individual’s movement and seeks to present it in an artistic, perfectly composed, and uniquely exposed way.

Tino Portrait

© Tino Rischawy

More than 13 years ago Tino Rischawy discovered his passion for outdoor lifestyle and action sports photography. “My goal was never to create something that’s static; I always wanted to capture that which is alive and bursting with joie de vivre.” He simply is a very special guy who has made it his passion to produce unique deep-powder pictures of winter athletes and document their lifestyle and their relationship with the mountains in an authentic fashion. “For more than ten years now I’ve been spending the winter months on the Arlberg and I know exactly where the little known, tucked-away spots are that are perfect for special shots. It’s about capturing amazing lines in deep powder as well as the beautiful hike of a family and their dog through the breathtaking landscape of the Arlberg.”

Genuss ohne Worte Tino Rischawy


© Tino Rischawy


© Tino Rischawy

Contrast to the usual procedure, the clients don’t just get a selection of pictures after the shoot, they get their own website with their pictures as well as a personalised smartphone app. “Upon request I’ll also film and make videos so that everyone can admire their powder turns in moving pictures, too.”

So, dear readers, be quick and drop Tino a line. He’s back again on the Arlberg this year and might be shooting in front of a stunning backdrop right now – and he’s always looking forward to new encounters.

© Tino Rischawy
Inside story

Unique an only here on the Arlberg – Tino’s photography captures breathtaking, authentic moments, no matter the time and place. He does, however, love working on finest powder in front of a bright blue sky. His Frozen Pleasures repertoire does not just include pictures of winter athletes in their element, but also event and people photography as well as private family shoots. Sound interesting?

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